Your dream wedding in Portugal

Why are destination weddings in Portugal a special experience? I’m glad you asked!

Imagine a love-filled, lively celebration in the buzzing capital of Lisbon, with every luxury touch you desire. An intimate elopement in the charming village of Sintra, where every moment oozes charm and romance. A bohemian feast beneath the open sky in the Algarve, with the barbecue flaming and the wine flowing…A glamorous wedding with a black-tie dinner in a lush vineyard of the Douro Valley and five-star service to match. Bring your love story to Portugal and it all becomes possible.

Picture those butterfly-filled days as you count down to your wedding date. Now picture them spent wandering hand-in-hand on long walks in the warmth of the sun. Sitting down at a table for two to enjoy local delicacies to the sound of clinking glasses, filled with local wines that elevate any toast and forever take you back to that moment.

Now, imagine what your wedding day could look like. 

A breath-taking ceremony beneath a flower-laden arch in an exclusive, private estate, or a laid-back yet luxurious vow exchange against an iconic, Portuguese backdrop. The emotion of the Fado, the untranslatable Saudade and the charm of a language that sings of romance throughout your reception.

Here at La Key, I will lovingly craft your destination wedding in Portugal to your unique requirements, whether you visit for a week or celebrate in one intensely emotional weekend. 

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Destination Weddings in Portugal

A destination tHAT Lives Forever in all hearts

“No one can live without love. It could be a love without reason, with no address, or no name at all. But it must be love. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, impossible, inaugural. It just has to be true.”

– Miguel Esteves Cardoso –


Portugal has been perfecting the atmosphere of life-long romances for centuries. Cocooned between the beautiful shores of the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans, gentle sea breezes scent the air and the sun warms the ground beneath your feet. Countless couples have fallen in love here. The landscape whispers their stories and sets the perfect scene in which you can celebrate your own true love, too.

Count on La Key Events to write one of the most important chapters of your love story with accuracy, care and affection. I will help you find the most stunning views, the most intensely coloured sunsets and the most engaging hospitality… Destination weddings in Portugal planned by La Key bring together the very best professionals for an experience that is emotional, authentic and personal.

Portugal will be forever in your hearts. Turn the key on your dream destination wedding today.