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At the start of this new chapter, I want to dive even deeper and get you to the heart of what it means to plan your wedding with La Key. What is it that makes the experience with La Key unique? Join me for some light-hearted questions and answers and you might just find out!

If couples had to name one superpower, what would it be and why?

Calmness. It’s the word I am most delighted to hear often from mcouples. I take my role very seriously, but with a little sprinkle of sugar, because weddings are sweet and life is too short, to not have fun. My couples know they can count on me. That faith instils a sense of calm that truly enables you to soak up every moment of your wedding. We’ll calmly and patiently press on through the planning. It’s all about feeling good and having fun, which is what couples head over heels in love do best!

What is the secret ingredient to a great wedding?

Confidence! For the couple as they prepare to make their vows in front of all their family and friends. For the vendors adding the finishing touches, who know exactly how to achieve the look you love with my gentle, steady guidance. And for me, your Portugal wedding planner.

Years of experience give me a quiet confidence and deep trust that your wedding day is going to be wonderful. We’ve prepared thoroughly in the months beforehand. We’ve got to know each other and our personalities click. So if any last minute changes or decisions are needed, I will have the confidence to make them, and you will be confident that they will be true to your vision. All you need to do is enjoy the magic of your wedding day as it comes to life!

For the happy couple the wedding morning is a blur of butterflies. What’s going through your mind on the morning of a La Key wedding?

Plan your wedding with La Key and it’s as much about the relationship we build, as the plans we make. That reflects in the wedding morning experience. For you, the couple, it involves pampering, butterflies and as much reassurance from me as you need. I’ll be the eyes and ears that let you know everything is going to plan and looking beautiful. You can just sit back and relax in the bridal suite with your entourage.

With a couple’s complete trust, I’ll work calmly behind the scenes to coordinate all suppliers. With my guidance, they run on time and achieve your vision perfectly. Should any queries crop up, my couples know I’ll have their backs and that all they need to do is relax and celebrate. Trusting that I will ensure everything is just…perfect!

bride having fun with bridesmaids
Let’s look back to the early days. Where did it all begin?

La Key Events is the tale of a girl who grew up and followed her dreams. I found my calling working in international hotels and events, bringing five-star service to a personal scale. I wanted to give my clients – couples just like you – the effortless experience they deserve with a dedicated, one-to-one service to match.

With my international background, destination weddings in Portugal were a match made in heaven. In 2012, I decided it was time to roll up my sleeves and go solo. So I went ahead and founded La Key Events, and created love stories in Portugal ever since.

I’m planning my wedding and have narrowed it down to three Portugal wedding planners. Convince me in two sentences that you are the one.

A shoulder to lean on. An unbiased partner to sound out ideas with. A person you trust implicitly. A friendly face to you and your families, the connection grounded in emotion, authenticity and experience. It might sound like the exact description of what ‘the one’ could look like in a relationship, but it’s the true experience of the clients who plan a wedding with La Key.

Finding your Portugal wedding planner is about finding ‘the one’, and if we click, I’d love for that to be La Key.

What do you love the most about being a Portugal wedding planner?

Meeting couples from all around the world and being a part of their journey to the most special day of their lives. Nothing is more gratifying! Seeing the glow of happiness on people’s faces as they walk into the day they’ve dreamed about forever, it’s just priceless!

Being a destination wedding planner is so much more than just being able to plan an event. That’s the most fascinating part about it for me. It’s not a profession to me, it’s a privilege! One that demands a precise and dynamic skillset. Loving weddings alone, is not enough to be a successful destination wedding planner. A huge amount of passion is most definitely involved, it’s a job that requires a broad knowledge of many different lines of work, and that variety is what I love the most.

As a Portugal wedding planner, you take on a huge level of responsibility. You explore the nuances, from a couple’s personality to the fine print of a contract and coordinate a team of suppliers. Choose La Key and a team is what you will really get. We’re one big family that you’ll become a part of and we promise your wedding will be filled with friendly faces.

If you’re searching for Portugal wedding planners and think La Key could be the perfect fit for you,  reach out! I’d love to hear your ideas and help shape the celebration you dream of.