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Destination Weddings in Portugal

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Whisk yourselves away to an exciting destination as you tie the knot. That’s the promise of destination weddings in Portugal, as it has become more popular among couples worldwide to jet off and enjoy a mini-vacation as they make their vows. And at La Key Events, we think Portugal is the perfect place to do it.

Destination weddings in Portugal can be an intimate celebration with your nearest and dearest, or they can be a more elaborate affair with hundreds of guests. Portugal marries endless elements that you and your guests will adore, let’s dive in and discover a few of them…

The weather and the landscapes

With perfect temperatures almost all year round, Portugal blends beautiful weather with breath-taking scenery. From velvet green mountain tops to golden, sun-bathed beaches and stylish city rooftops. There are many ways to make the most of our beautiful sunny days.

The fresh air energizes, the tranquility, abundance of natural and cultural beauty will leave you instantly refreshed. The feeling of being in Portugal is endlessly unique. Come and experience it for your destination wedding!

Affordability and location

Destination weddings in Portugal are among the most affordable. When compared to other destinations around the world, Portugal offers incredible quality that translates into great value for money. Whether you envision a low key affair or an utterly luxurious celebration, Portugal will surely have a place for you.

Portugal is rich in the variety of activities, hospitality options and fun experiences to enjoy. Where quality and value for money go hand in hand.  Being readily accessible from most parts of the world, it’s affordable and easy for guests to join you.

Wine and dine

Portugal’s reputation for fine food extends the whole world over. Taste the sea like never before on our coastlines. Here you will  experience the freshest catches that are expertly prepared. Regional cuisine is authentic, full of flavor and freshness – excellent additions to your wedding menu. With generations of love and creativity, Portuguese gastronomy is always a surprise for the senses. Love and heritage that get poured into every dish which makes every meal a divine experience. 

And that’s not all! Portugal has a fine wine-making record, with many bottles winning awards worldwide. Complement each meal with wine from a local estate. From the fresh and unique “vinho verde” to start your cocktail hour, to a velvety Port to pair with dessert. Everything is perfectly matched to bring out the best of each course. This is the best way to impress your guests at weddings in Portugal. 

History and culture

As a country with a long history that has masterfully preserved it’s patrimony in the most unique way. Portugal is home to ancient churches, medieval castles and even family-owned Quintas. There are a number of architectural wonders and properties that make for stunning venues for weddings in Portugal. Fun fact: did you know Portugal is home to the second-oldest capital city in Europe?

Within the many treasures of Portugal are its people. Warm, welcoming, and loveable… they love to celebrate their heritage and share its stories through art, culture and tradition.

Activities and experiences

Relax on the beach, visit the theatre, explore a museum, attend an open-air concert, experience a festival or take a cultural tour. You can be sure the options are endless to wow your guests and keep your celebrations going!

Portugal offers hundreds of attractions at your fingertips and it’s especially attractive for fun filled destination weddings. Bring people together from all around the world and at La Key Events, we promise to create an itinerary every one of you will love! It’s a great location to begin your honeymoon, too.

Dream Location

If you’re dreaming of a destination wedding where your budget goes further, enjoy the best weather and an make memories of a lifetime, then Portugal should be top of your list. Get in touch and we’ll share more about weddings in Portugal with you, and check out our destination guide.