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10 First Wedding Planning Tasks When You’re Newly Engaged

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You’re engaged! Hundreds of ideas and decisions lie ahead of you, from dress designers to wedding venues, table settings and music playlists. It can be oh-so exciting to jump straight in, but are the very first decisions you make actually your priorities? What wedding planning tasks should you start with?

At La Key Events, we’re here to help. So, why not begin your wedding planning tasks with the 10 we feel are the most important? Use our list to prioritize and organize yourself from day one for a happy and coordinated planning experience.

1. Announce the news!

First of all, make sure you call your parents, siblings and best friends to share the big news! It’s important to do this before sharing the news on any kind of social media. You’ve got something amazing to celebrate, and we bet they’d love to raise a glass with you.

Allow yourself to celebrate this life changing moment privately before telling the whole world. Sharing your engagement with a small group first. It often helps you get a clearer picture on what comes next and truly enjoy the moment.

2. Set a date (and a destination)

When is the big day? It’s the first question people will ask after you tell them you are engaged, so be prepared to answer. Decide on a date before doing anything else, because it will influence a number of other elements. For example, what suppliers are available and what the weather may be like.

Destination weddings are trending more and more, so choosing a date and a city are super important wedding planning tasks. Let your family and friends know and gauge their reactions. This gives them plenty of time to plan and gives you an idea of your guest list size.

Next up in your wedding planning tasks is to reserve that all-important date at your dream venue. Couples are making bookings further in advance than ever! So make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to get your date at your dream venue. At La Key Events, we’ll guide you to world-class locations and help you lock the date down.

3. Draft your guest list

This can be rough, and it definitely doesn’t have to reflect your final numbers! Having a draft of how many people you want to invite is really important. It will define crucial aspects of your wedding. It will also help you establish whether your budget is realistic, and how large a venue you may need.

We tend to underestimate how many people we would want present at such an important day. Usually, the first rough draft is greater than what you initially had in mind. You may need to revise your guest list or your budget to make it as realistic as possible.

4. Set a budget

The budget will define every decision you have to make regarding your wedding. If you don’t already know each other’s financial situation, it’s time to sit down and realistically discuss what you are willing and able to spend on your wedding.

Having clear goal posts from the beginning will make planning a breeze and prevent you from falling in love with venues or vendors that may be beyond reach. Here at La Key, we’re all about infusing happiness and romance for your destination wedding. There’s no place for heartbreak here!

5. Decide your ceremony type

It’s important for you to decide what kind of ceremony you’d like for your destination wedding. Religious, civil and symbolic ceremonies are all on the menu, and will influence the venue you choose.

For religious ceremonies, ensure they can be possible in your location of choice. If it’s a civil or symbolic union, decide whether to hold it at your reception venue, or if there’s another spot you’d like for your vows nearby.

6. Hire a Wedding Planner

Make all your wedding planning tasks simpler in one step by bringing a professional wedding planner on board! You may wonder why hiring a wedding planner is 6th and not 1st on the list, but realistically, a planner will be more useful and efficient when you have an idea of a date, a budget and the number of people who may be joining you.

Having an idea of these three details will help your planner check availability, shortlist suppliers and present you with realistic options. Discover more ways a destination wedding planner can help.

7. Pick a venue

Now that you have the main points covered and chosen, your wedding planner will present you with possible venues that will work for your wedding vision. All you have to do is choose ‘the one’ – you’ll feel it as soon as you see it! Find out how La Key Events can locate the best destination wedding venue for you.

8. Set your style

Each venue is unique and charming in its own right, so once you’ve chosen a venue, your styling ideas may mould to the gorgeous setting you’ll be celebrating in. Browse ideas and liaise with your wedding planner, who can advise on what works well at your venue, taking into account your style, budget and vision.

9. Save the date

There are plenty of wedding planning tasks to come, but at this point you have enough taken care of to start sending out your save the date information. Let your guests know your wedding date, venue and details so they can keep the date free.

10. The dress

Choosing your wedding dress is the first thing you will want to do. After all, you have been dreaming about it your whole life! However, deciding all of the above before getting your dress is super important, it ensures that you get a dress that is suited to when and where you are getting married. Now that you know all this, it’s time to call your bridesmaids and hit the boutiques!

With these wedding planning tasks checked off your list, you’re well on the way to the destination wedding of your dreams. But don’t get so carried away in the rush of plans that you forget to enjoy being engaged too.

You have a wedding planner who will handle all the stressful bits, so you can make the most of the experience as you watch your wedding come together ahead of the big day. Get in touch to start planning your wedding today!