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The Sweetest Fifteen

In Latin America a girl’s 15th birthday is a big celebration, it represents the age of transition from childhood to adulthood and in Brazil is known as Festa de Debutantes. The word originates from the débutante, which means beginner or newcomer in French.


In the olden days, completing the 15th birthday of a woman, required a beautiful party, where the birthday girls was officially introduced to society for the beginning of a new phase in her life where she would start attending social gatherings,  adult clothing and permission to date potential future husbands. The tradition is to have a dinner party with family and friends, then after midnight the birthday girl wears a gorgeous evening gown and dances the waltz with her father; to represent the passage from girl to woman.


Sophia and her family moved to Portugal from their hometown in Brazil a couple of years ago and was pretty sad that she wouldn’t be able to spend her 15th birthday with her closest friends.  As the date came closer Sophia was very anxious as her family didn’t seem like they were planning anything special for her big day. Little did she know what her incredibly sweet mum had in store for her, she called us to put together a surprise birthday party for Sophia and her closest friends and family at her favourite pizza restaurant in Cascais, and so we did! We decorated the restaurant with all of Sophia’s favourite flowers, got her a beautiful cake in her favourite pink and prepared everything for the big surprise. Everyone arrived at the restaurant earlier and took their places waiting for her to arrive and when she did, and saw everyone, her face just lit up with an overwhelming smile!  The party was fun and full of activities, one of them being a photo session with all sorts of different props that everyone wore during dinner which originated many laughs and very funny photos.  The big surprise was saved for last, Sophia’s big present was a trip to Paris with her girlfriends.  The perfect celebration, putting a modern twist on traditions.


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