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Have You Met La Key?

At the start of this new chapter, I want to dive even deeper and get you to the heart of what it means to plan your wedding with La Key. What is it that makes the experience with La Key unique? Join me for some light-hearted questions and answers and you might just find out!

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10 First Wedding Planning Tasks When You’re Newly Engaged

You’re engaged! Hundreds of ideas and decisions lie ahead of you, from dress designers to wedding venues, table settings and music playlists and it can be oh-so exciting to jump straight in. But are the very first decisions you make actually your priorities? What wedding planning tasks should you start with?

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Destination Weddings in Portugal

Whisk yourselves away to an exciting destination as you tie the knot. That’s the promise of destination weddings in Portugal, and it has become more popular among couples worldwide to jet off and enjoy a mini-vacation as they make their vows. And at La Key Events, we think Portugal is the perfect place to do it.

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