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Mr & Mrs Ordon Song

“Love is the one thing we all relate to, it connects us, we all long for it, we all know it, but still, every time love writes a story between two people, it is a different story.”



To the sound of a harp and the waves in the background, these were the opening words of the ceremony that wed Iwona and Rob, who joined by their friends and family from all over the world started another chapter to their love story.


Iwona, Polish/Norweigian, grew up in the U.S.A. and Rob, Chinese, grew up in Australia, the different backgrounds and oceans apart didn’t stop their paths from crossing and in May 2014 their love story began in Oslo, where they were introduced by a friend. In 2016 they got engaged on New Years Eve, 3 years and many cities later, they chose Cascais to officialize their union and celebrate with the most amazing party!


From the day we met, it was immediately clear that they had 3 loves: the love for each other, the love for their ever so cute dog Sonya and their love for pasteis de nata (these were obviously a must in their wedding menu!).  With their very witty sense of humor, and great sense of all the things they wanted their guests to experience it was clear that all the planning would be allot of fun! Everything was personalized to the smallest detail and in such a fun way, it all just made the whole day even more special.


When a couple has traveled all around the world, seen so many different countries and ends up choosing Portugal as their wedding destination we feel truly proud. It was a pleasure to plan this wedding and to be a part of such special people’s lives!


Iwona and Rob, thank you and we wish you many more years and many more chapters together in your beautiful story!