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Mr & Mrs Goodwin

Who said only traditional weddings are beautiful?!


Veronica and Tom, came to us with an idea that immediately made the imagination fly wild, they wanted a wedding food market! It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to do something that’s so out of the box so of course this idea was really really exciting!


The minute they set eyes on the venue they knew that it was the one their hearts had longed for! Love at first site, the perfect setting for the wedding they had imagined: a sunset by the beach with all their dear family and friends, as if they were receiving them in their own house.


From the beginning it was clear that they were not your classic bride and groom and that certain formalities were really not their thing, especially a sit-down meal. Their main concern was to really be able to spend time with all of their guests and really make the most of everyone’s presence, so the entire day was really intimate, fun and relaxed.


The day started off with the sweetest ceremony you can imagine, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room! All of the speeches were heartfelt but fun and super endearing, but best one was the song the bridesmaids made for Veronica, an adaptation of Disney’s Hercules…so so cute!


The mini market stands were personalized with the most delicious takes on traditional Portuguese dishes with a twist, the smells and the environment they created allowed us to feel like we were really in a traditional Portuguese market and the guests were just loving every second of it.


Once the party started there wasn’t one foot off the dancefloor and everyone just had the best time, the party area was personalized with pictures of friends and family and it just really felt like they were having a party in their living rooms, the happiness was contagious, and we just loved being a part of it.