Welcome to La Key’s look book and inspiration diary for love stories overseas. 

Featuring inspirational real-life couples, the most romantic wedding venues in Portugal, and honest planning advice to help your vision take flight, the La Key blog opens the door to a host of destination weddings in Portugal to enchant you. Local expertise, styling secrets and time-worn advice – you’ll find all of this and more to make your day memorable. 

Dive in, delve deeper and dare to dream as you plan your dream wedding in Portugal with La Key.

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Have You Met La Key?

At the start of this new chapter, I want to dive even deeper and get you to the heart of what it means to plan your wedding with La Key. What is it that makes the experience with La Key unique? Join me for some light-hearted questions and answers and you might just find out!

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The person behind La Key Luxury Wedding Planner in Portugal

The Face Behind the Fabulous Weddings

Behind every La Key wedding lies a huge helping of love topped with a sprinkle of planning magic. Without the wedding of your dreams in Portugal feeling shrouded in mystery, or feel out of reach. I’m Carina Olim, your dedicated Lisbon wedding planner at La Key, and I’ll show you how.

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Something Old, Something New

The Past, Present and Future at La Key. Cast your minds back to a decade ago and the digital landscape looked pretty different. Sure, some of the social media giants we know and love were already with us (Facebook, I’m looking at you), but others hadn’t yet made it to the mainstream, and we certainly all spent a little less time lusting after Instagram newsfeeds.

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Unveiling the Next Chapter at La Key Events

Peek behind the door at La Key Events and you’re in for a surprise! Over the last few months I’ve poured myself into a very exciting project. A project very close to my heart as an established luxury wedding planner. I’ve reimagined the look and feel of La Key to align with the personal values and impeccable planning service at the heart of the brand I have hand-built from day one.

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Portugal Destination Wedding Planner?

What is a Portugal destination wedding planner? What do they do? Do we need one? Is it a luxury or a necessity? Would I have time to plan the wedding myself?

These are some of the most frequent questions when it comes to hiring a Portugal destination wedding planner and I’m here to help you answer them! Check out this top 10 list to work out if a wedding planner could help you design your dream destination wedding.

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wedding planning tasks

10 First Wedding Planning Tasks When You’re Newly Engaged

You’re engaged! Hundreds of ideas and decisions lie ahead of you, from dress designers to wedding venues, table settings and music playlists and it can be oh-so exciting to jump straight in. But are the very first decisions you make actually your priorities? What wedding planning tasks should you start with?

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