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Portugal is a romantic country. How could it not to be, with a climate that’s inviting for long walks holding hands, comforting and delicious gastronomy, wines that elevate any toast to a level of excellence, poets of all generations able to sing to our hearts, castles and palaces converted into lodging facilities, the thrill of Fado, the untranslatable Saudade and the charm of a language that seems to have been designed to be declaimed.


Over the centuries Portugal has launched the perfect atmosphere for the living of long lasting Loves. Among the beautiful shores of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans flavored with slight breezes and caressed with the warm rays of the sun, many were those who fell in love and whose romantic stories linger and inspire us to this day.

Count on us to write one of the most important chapters of your love story with accuracy, care and affection. We will find the most stunning views, most exciting sunsets, engaging hospitality and irreproachable professionalism for your dream wedding. Portugal will be forever in your hearts.


“No one can live without love. It could be a love without reason, with no address, or no name at all. But it must be love. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, impossible, inaugural. It just has to be true.” Miguel Esteves Cardoso