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As soon as you get engaged, you have the urge to start doing all sorts of things and taking all types of decisions right away, but are those in fact your priorities? We drafted up a list of the 10 most important things to do once you get engaged to help you prioritize and organize yourself from day one by doing things in a logical and effective order.


1. Announce the news


First off, make sure you call your parents, siblings and best friends first before to share the big news, it’s important to do this before sharing the news on any kind of social media. Allow yourself to celebrate this life changing moment privately first before telling the whole world. Telling a small group first will help you answer a couple of questions you are probably asking yourself.


2. Choose a date (and a destination)


When? It’s the first question people will ask you after you tell them you are engaged, so be prepared to answer. Decide on a date before doing anything else because it will influence a number of other things and is one of the most important factors. Destination weddings are trending more and more so choosing a date and a city are super important to get a feel of people’s reactions and how many would potentially attend, as well as give people time to plan. The selection and reservation of the venue is essential to develop the wedding details, more and more people making reservations in advance, so do not miss the opportunity to get your date at your dream venue.


3. Rough draft a guess list


Having a draft of how many people you want to invite is really important because it will define crucial aspects of your wedding like: how big the venue needs to be, if your budget is realistic etc. Once you have drafted it’s time to short list, we tend to underestimate how many people we would want present at such an important day and usually the first rough draft is usually bigger than what you initially had in mind so you need to revise and make it as realistic as possible.


4. Set a budget


The budget will define every decision you have to make regarding your wedding so if you don’t already know each other’s financial situation, it’s time to sit down and realistically discuss what you are willing and able to spend on your wedding.


5. What type of ceremony


It’s important for you to decide the type of ceremony you want, if it’s religious, a civil union or symbolic because this may influence where and how the ceremony is held. If you have a specific religion you need to make sure there is are options around the location you had in mind, if it’s a civil or symbolic union you need to make sure there is somewhere in the venue where it could be held or in alternative somewhere beautiful and appropriate nearby.


6. Hire a wedding planner


You may wonder why hiring a wedding planner is 6th and not 1st on the list, but realistically, a planner will be more useful and efficient when you have an idea of a date, a budget and a number of people. Having an idea of these 3 details will help your planner check availability, shortlist suppliers and present you with realistic options. Also read:


7. Pick a venue


Now that you have the main points covered and chosen, your wedding planner will present you with options of possible venues that will work for your weddings demands, all you have to do is decide which one is “the one” and you will feel it as soon as you see it!


8. Decide on the style


Most of the ideas you had before you chose your venue will probably change because as soon as you decide on the venue you will start getting loads of different ideas, because each venue is different and charming in its own way. So research and liase with your wedding planner on what would be the best options for your chosen venue within your style, aspirations and budget.


9. Send out Save the Date / Invitations


There is still allot to do and many things to decide and choose from but at this point you have enough taken care of to start sending out your save the date information to start informing people formally of your wedding details. It’s important to inform people of the date so they can make sure to be free on your special day and in the meantime you can start preparing the invitations and getting all of information you need start sending them out.


10. The Dress!


Buying a dress is the first thing you will want to do, after all you have been dreaming about it your whole life…but deciding all of the above before you get your dress is super important to ensure that you get a dress that is suited to when and where you are getting married. Now that you know all this you can go ahead and call all your bridesmaids to join you for the big fitting, you will want your girlfriends with you!

Remember to enjoy being engaged and planning your wedding and the entire process. Remember that you have a wedding planner that will be worrying about all the stressful bits for you so make the most of it and take time to enjoy the romantic engagement phase and the fun of seeing your wedding come together.