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Destination Portugal

A destination wedding is the opportunity to celebrate a marriage at a location away from home. It has become more and more frequent for couples all over the world to take advantage to extend the occasion and choose a gorgeous location and escape for a mini vacation wedding affair.  What better place than Portugal?


Destination weddings can be an intimate celebration with limited guests and close family and friends, or a more elaborate affair with hundreds of guests.  Portugal is the perfect choice for a destination wedding as it gathers a variety of unique factors that will make the trip memorable not only to you but also to your guests traveling in from all corners of the earth.

There are some particularly interesting features that make Portugal such a beautiful place to visit and especially a top location to tie the knot, here are our favorites:


The Weather and Surroundings 


Privileged with perfect temperatures almost all year round Portugal not only has good weather, it has an extensive beauty in surroundings as it displays breathtaking sceneries from velvet green mountain tops to extensive, gold, sunny beaches that translate into its natural beauty. You will find energy in the freshness of the air, and tranquility in the abundance of nature and culture which creates an overall feeling of belonging, you will love the feeling of being in Portugal!

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Affordability and Location

Portugal is one of the most affordable locations in Europe, from the most simple to the most luxurious of products or services you will feel like you can always upgrade in Portugal as the next best thing is still cheaper than other places in Europe.  Portugal also has a wide variety of possible activities, hospitality options and experiences, with incredible quality and value for money.  If your destination is particularly remote or expensive, less guests may choose to attend so Portugal is a great destination as its not only affordable it also has great accessibility options as its geographical location makes it an excellent base for incoming and further travel. If you choose your wedding date off season (which still has great weather), most wedding venues and services offer numerous discounts and special conditions.


Wine and Dine


Portugal is very famous, and rightfully so, for its food. It is especially recognized for the great seafood dishes due to its privileged location in the Atlantic Ocean and to the way its masterfully prepared, on these coasts you will taste the sea like never before. Portuguese regional cuisine is authentic, full of flavor and freshness. Typical dishes have been perfected over generations and are always a real treat, you will always be surprised with the quality of the food. Portugal is also very recognized for having a very long history of producing excellent quality wines and has won many prizes for wine making from all over the world. Every meal is complemented with the fantastic taste of local produce wine, from a fresh green wine for starters to a velvety Port for dessert all wines are perfectly matched to bring out the best of every course. The reception is one of the main parts of a wedding and Portugal will really impress your guests with all it has to offer gastronomically.


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History and Culture


Portugal, as a country with a long history that has masterfully preserved it’s patrimony in the most unique way. It is a country that is graced with several historically famous architectural structures like ancient churches and cathedrals, medieval castles and palaces, and even family owned Quintas that are all architectural wonders, which make stunning locations for wedding venues. There is a print of history and meaning in all its cultural heritage and it has also been proclaimed with 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which ranks it at 8th in Europe and 17th in the world and is also home to the second-oldest capital city of Europe after Athens. Within the many treasures of Portugal are its people, warm, welcoming, and loveable are some of the words that could be used to describe the Portuguese, who love to celebrate their history and retell the story of their country through art, music and tradition.


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Activites and Experiences


The great thing about Portugal is its diversity in things to do which makes it a great location for a holiday getaway.  From fun outdoor activities to quite relaxing beaches, theaters and museums to outdoor concerts and festivals, cultural tours to numerous restaurants, bars and night clubs there is plenty you can do during your stay.  Having many different options within each of its cities is one of the things that makes Portugal so unique and so attractive to destination weddings. As this type of event brings together people from many different places it guarantees that no matter where your guests are coming from or whether they are travelling alone, as a couple or a family, there will be something that appeals to what they idealize to do for their trip and from north to south, Portugal will not let you down.  It can also be a great starting point for your honeymoon, and what better way to start off happily ever after?!


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If you are planning a destination wedding and you are looking for the perfect location, Portugal probably has exactly what you had in mind. Great weather, affordable, delicious and fun? What else does one possibly need? Contact us for more information on destination weddings in Portugal.


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