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Cata Vassalo – Be Unique!

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Because perfection is in the details, we want to share the perfect details for a classy bridal look. We were dazzled by these pieces from the Cata Vassalo brand and couldn’t resist sharing them with all our readers as a suggestion for a detail that is not only perfect is also unique and personalized.


Catarina Vassalo is a ceremony hat and accessory stylist for brides and guests seeking for an irreverent and unique piece to complete their ceremony ensembles. Catarina is specialized in Conservation and Restoration of Metal and her career started in the UK where she began selling necklaces online which quickly became her full time job. The world of hats presented itself as fortunate accident one day while accompanying a friend to a fair to help deliver material, between some of the things they were delivering were hats which she immediately found a passion for. From that day she began producing her own hats in her own simple and elegant style creating truly unique and beautiful pieces.


William and Kate’s wedding not only marked the memory of the princes (and ours) it also marked a new stage in Catarina’s career as from that day onwards these hats have become indispensable items to any party toilette and sales soared for her hats. Orders arrived from all around the world and since then Catarina has been producing new pieces for her collection nonstop. She even opened a shop in Valencia where she gained an enormous popularity and has since progressed so much that her work is available for sale worldwide through its new format and online shop Cata Vassalo.


With an online store, 90% of her work is from a distance, she does individual consulting with each customer and produces unique pieces joining their taste inspirations into her vision and unique style. She receives all sorts of inspirational material like photos of the dress to shoes and hairstyles, each customer shares their many ideas that help her create a unique piece that would only be possible in their imaginations but thanks to Catarina have the opportunity to come life.


Depending on the seasons Catarina receives all kinds of clients, in January and February is bridal season and from March al other events such as first communions, christenings etc. With a full work year Catarina still takes every opportunity to travel and get inspired by the world, which she claims is her greatest source of inspiration.


“The world … everything inspires me!!! But I truly love flowers … I think everything looks better with flowers (I’m a flower girl).” Catarina Vassalo


Are you are looking for a unique piece for your wedding and you’re not sure what to get? One of Catarina’s hats will give you that special touch you long for your bug day!