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Something Old, Something New

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The Past, Present and Future at La Key

Cast your minds back to a decade ago and the digital landscape looked pretty different. Sure, some of the social media giants we know and love were already with us (Facebook, I’m looking at you), but others hadn’t yet made it to the mainstream, and we certainly all spent a little less time lusting after Instagram newsfeeds.

So when I launched La Key Events nine wonderful years ago now, social media was part of the package, but a long way from the supercharged phenomenon it is now! It’s true to almost every element in life that trends come and go, that tastes change. It’s certainly true of weddings, where style inspiration can change by the minute – and I just adore the wonderland of inspiration that comes from that.

But one thing that hadn’t changed for a long time at La Key Events was my logo. All those years ago, I’d put pencil to paper and sketched out the very beginnings. My logo travelled from sketchbook to screen, but otherwise remained little changed. And now, nine years on, it’s ready for a transformation of its own!


Partnering with a branding guru was super exciting for me, but also nerve wrecking. I was ready for La Key to step into its next chapter, but not at the expense of the essence of my brand. I had so carefully curated it from day one.

As fate would have it, I’d planned the Portugal wedding of superstar designer Marianne back in 2017, and so the perfect solution presented itself. Who better to know my brand inside out, than someone who had felt its magic first-hand?

Marianne had encouraged me to revisit the look and feel of my logo beforehand to create a truer reflection of what makes La Key unique. I hadn’t been ready then, but we remained close. La Key continued to flourish and my mind was filled once again with fairy-tale celebrations.

Meant To Be

By this point, we were at the beginning of 2020, and almost overnight the world became a very different place. Weddings were rescheduled and dates pushed forward. Once I had guided my couples through the changes, suddenly, I had time. Marianne encouraged me to seize the opportunity to (finally) restyle La Key. I took it as a sign that now was the time to go for it. So we did!

Then came the juggling act that Marianne so masterfully navigated… How to capture the essence of my much-loved brand, while modernizing the aesthetic, creating a more neutral palette and crafting something unique and instantly recognizable. No small feat!

One of the biggest changes was moving away from featuring the lettering ‘LK’ for La Key. But move we did, in favor of a conceptual design where the letters emerge from the key design itself. It was a stroke of design genius, and I adore the results. Experts truly are worth their weight (and more!) in gold when it comes to getting things exactly right.

Dream Big

I am over the moon with the new logo. The carefully considered fonts, the dreamy hues, the elegance and of course, the essence of La Key being right there at the heart of it. My new logo complements La Key’s brand-new website and instantly invites couples to explore what this next chapter at La Key will bring.

Today, while we can’t yet be together in person, I’d like to raise a virtual glass to every wonderful person who has contributed to La Key flourishing over the years. Here’s to all the beautiful, bright, celebration-filled weddings to come.

And in the meantime, if your interest is piqued, then you can find out more about what makes a La Key wedding stand apart and stay tuned for a virtual meet and greet with me, coming soon!