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A Very Special Anniversary

To celebrate Evan’s 50th birthday, his lovely wife contacted us to help organize an intimate, charming and fun dinner party for 50 of his closest friends at their beautiful home in Cascais.  Many of these close friends lived abroad, so planning the day became extra special when everyone confirmed that they would be present to celebrate it, and what a celebration it was!


It started off with an outdoor cocktail with bite size treats and caipirinhas, followed by cosy dinner, serving a delicious selection of typical Portuguese dishes and wines. To kick off the celebration a personalized birthday cake, in the shape of a family inherited Port Wine bottle and coats of arms. It was rich chocolate cake with a condensed milk filling, not only was it beautiful on the outside, it was absolutely delicious on the inside! To top it off everyone gathered on the dance floor to share toasts, dance and have a really good time.


We had the privilege of being a part of this fantastic evening filled with laughter and happy moments! And hope there will be 50 more to celebrate with this amazing family.