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portugal wedding planner

“Dear Carina! Thank you for all your indispensable help. When I remember the beginning, we had such specific and unusual ideas and you helped us make them all a reality! It was the most perfect and happy day of our lives and without any concern because you took care of absolutely everything with fantastic professionalism. When I look back, I am sure that using La Key was the best choice we made and I hope our paths cross again. A big kiss!”

Veronica & Tom

“Carina was the right choice! Besides being invaluable help throughout the entire process, she offered us great help from the very beginning, because living in London and organizing a wedding in Portugal required a person of utmost trust and professionalism to help us to have our dream day, and Carina was that person. It was excellent working with her for the great suggestions she gave, the agility she showed during the entire organization and the constant communication that reassured us and gave us confidence from the first moment. In few words, it certainly would not have been so good without Carina! We recommend La Key!

Vera & Pedro
aguiam wedding photography-534-min

“We are extremely happy with the wedding planning services we received from Carina at La Key Events. Carina was amazing, she was there with us through the whole process, every step of the way. Not only did she come up with great design and vendor suggestions, but she was also there for us at all times, supporting us like a close friend. One of her most valuable qualities is her ability to stay calm, which helped us through the most challenging times during the planning process. Carina’s dedication and hard work is something that went above and beyond our expectations, especially since we were planning a destination wedding. Her attention to detail and imagination made our dream wedding come true. We would definitely recommend her service to all future brides and grooms. Fun fact: as the bride I have no idea how I would have survived the whole process without her, and I was the one who wasn’t sure about getting wedding planning help in the first place!”

Iwona & Rob

Carina was everything that one could ever ask for – organized, professional, patient, and passionate. It’s beyond words how much we appreciate Carina’s effort and work! We could not have managed the wedding from overseas without her! During the planning process, Carina showed me how much she really cared about our big day as if this was her own wedding. She was the Fairy Godmother for me (REALLY), and she took care of so many things one week before the wedding that I wouldn’t expect a wedding planner to have done. Now the wedding planning is over but our love for her as a wonderful friend will stay for forever!

ChiaChia & João

“Thank you so much for making my wedding the most incredible an unforgettable day of my life!”

Shahna & Diogo

“If there were 10 stars it would get 10/10. Excellent service, made me feel like I was her only client the whole year.”

Luiza & Erlend

“Carina was exceptional, in keeping contact and brilliant at coming up with work arounds and dealing with snags all while making you feel like there truly is nothing to worry about. We eloped and at the end hit a wall with trying to have a Catholic wedding in Portugal. Jet lagged and only a couple of days before the wedding Carina made all the arrangements, picked out flowers, cake, venue and planned a beautiful story with the photographers and videographers for our day. The day turned out to be a surprise for us as we took it step by step. I was so impressed with how well she’d gotten to know what we’d like, all with a little left over in our budget. Who would have ever imagined their own wedding would be a surprise to them?! Carina you are a brilliant professional, with a passion for your work that only comes from the heart. We can’t thank you enough for treating our special day as if it were your own.”

Sylwia & Michel

“Thank you Carina for organising our beautiful wedding! You made us feel so relaxed on the day and everything went so smoothly. Highly recommend La Key Events.”

Emilia & Tom

“As a couple living abroad, our experience with Carina was precious and imperative. We had the happiest day of our lives exactly as we had pictured, without any stress or fuss. Always very professional, caring and reachable, she was the key to our perfect day. Thank you La Key Events!”

Patrícia & Pedro

“Carina, when I spoke to you the first time I felt an immediate empathy, and I was not wrong. It was a pleasure (and a tranquility) trusting her with the organization of our wedding. She was enormously competent and caring, taking care of absolutely everything and still got us a few “treats” and surprises. It was wonderful. I am sure that our wedding was a success, thanks to you. (Very much so). Carina was relentless, and created a friendship with us thanks to her commitment, which is very rare nowadays … she has such great and equal human and professional sides. It’s been a year since we met, and every time I’m more certain that Carina is the best there is. Our wedding was GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING. Kisses from us.”

Ana & Rui

“The day of our wedding is always dreamed of, and we want everything to be perfect. Our day was special, everything went as planned and we may well thank Carina. Carina was a ‘friend’ we won for our day. Besides all the suggestions she gave us as we outlined the day, all her willingness to fix anything we needed was outstanding. Her help was invaluable! Since the day we met her we were sure that everything would go well! Thanks Carina, thanks for the sympathy, thanks for your help, thanks for the ideas, thanks for the words of courage, thank you for the friendship you have given us. You were one in a million!”

Fatima & Francisco

“Carina Olim managed to turn our dream into reality! It was definitely worth hiring her, there is something about her that helps us to not become annoying and nervous brides, something magical, and she will certainly charm you too. We would like to leave you a big kiss and thank everyone at La Key Events since in fact we could not have chosen a better team to deliver the responsibilities of such a special and important day in our lives. Kisses and thank you!”

Lucia & Isaac

“Our wedding was a magical and special day, which was only possible thanks to the excellent work done by Carina. Great attention to detail, combined with a sense of great responsibility, allowed this event planner to perform a wedding that is not only in the memories of the bride and groom, but also of our guests! What made the difference for us was the support she gave us in the planning of several key moments of the wedding as well as her adaptability, which proved that our day flowed smoothly and harmoniously. The wedding went exactly according to plan thanks to her, personally supervising the various stages, which allowed us to truly enjoy a fantastic day, full of sunshine and good mood.”

Filipa & Pedro

“At our wedding, we wanted to create an intimate and elegant but also fun and relaxed environment, for we wanted to be available and also make the day about our guests. We wanted it to be a real party! Carina greatly contributed to making that possible, always attentive, collaborative, peaceful and above all very professional. Carina, thank you for the many friendly words and for everything, everything!”

Claúdia & Miguel

“Although Nuno and I were a very atypical bride and groom, not very anxious and with no exact plan of what we wanted our wedding to be like, thought to the millimeter in long advance, we had some concerns and desires for our day like any other couple. Working with someone as empathetic and with such a good energy and above everything else, respect for our wishes is essential for a happy couple. It gives us peace and security. Neither of us had ever organized a wedding before, but we didn’t think it was possible that working with another person would be as simple and natural as it was. Carina is a wedding planner that through professionalism, complete availability, attention to detail, friendliness and respect, Carina is a wedding planner that manages to make you feel unique and special no matter how many weddings she has planned or is planning at the moment, by naturally making it seem like it is the only one. Without limitations and with the calmness of a professional who trusts her own work, the “fairy godmother of weddings” (aka Carina) secured all the details we discussed were present, and made possible what is considered to be one of the happiest days of our lives, a really special and unique event without any concern, only contagious just smiles from start to finish. Thanks for the dedication.”

Joana & Nuno

“We loved working with Carina from day one, for her simplicity since our first meeting together to all her affection while present at the ceremony. She always helped us in the crazy ideas that the bride was having and helped manage all the details in a very easy, organized and careful way, almost as if the ceremony were her own, which does not always happen in this type of service. We advise all couples to choose Carina who with affection, attention to detail and ease will help in every aspect of this important day, and believe us there are maaaaany details! Carina thanks for the caipirinha!”

Sandra & Pedro

“Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.” Osho “And it was with this motto that Carina played her part in our wedding and helped us celebrate this unforgettable day. She managed to help us accomplish everything perfectly, devoting herself to the all details that we have to trust to someone reliable on that day. I could go on continuously with many good things to say but I will finish with a very big thank you for everything she did for us! Our very kind regards.”

Susana & Gonçalo

“There is no doubt! The happiest day of our lives was the 24.09.2011, the day of our wedding! It wouldn’t have been possible without the unconditional support of my dear Carina Olim, ever since the first time we talked, she was a 5 star professional, a companion, a friend who lived with us this magical day as if it were her her own. Carina Thank you, we feel that a friendship was born by accident of fate and that stayed forever! Big kiss and hug from your friends.”

Vanessa & Luís

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